Help us to develop and prepare MRI as an ALS biomarker

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Study Name
CALSNIC-2 (Canadian ALS Neuroimaging Consortium)
Michael Benatar, MD, PhD
Study Type
Observational, Cohort, Biomarker
Eligible Population
  • Affected:  Individuals affected with ALS or a related neurodegenerative disorder, including ALS-FTD, PLS, and PMA.
  • Controls:  Healthy controls 40 – 80 years old.
Study Purpose/Goals

To investigate, in a multi-center fashion, the usefulness of advancing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques as potential biomarkers for ALS


3 half-day study visits in Miami over an 8-month period

  • Brief family and medical history review
  • MRI Scan
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Speech Testing
  • Neurological Exam (Affected Participants only)
  • Breathing Testing (Affected Participants only)

Join our family - together, we can change the course of this disease.

Join our family

Together, we can change the course of this disease.

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