Help us validate biomarkers that may help ALS therapy development

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Study Name
CReATe Consortium: TRIAL READY Study
Michael Benatar, MD, PhD
Study Type
Observational, Longitudinal and cross-sectional
Eligible Population
  • Individuals affected with ALS or a related neurodegenerative disorder, including ALS-FTD, FTD, PLS, and PMA.
  • Healthy controls
Study Purpose/Goals

To validate the following as biomarkers of ALS and related disorders: 

(a) NfL and pNfH in blood and cerebrospinal fluid

(b) Urinary p75ECD


Up to 5 half-day study visits in Miami over a 1-year period

  • Family and medical history review
  • Genetic counseling
  • Genetic Testing (with choice to learn results or remain blinded)
  • Collect blood, urine, and CSF fluid (CSF optional)
  • Neurological exam
  • Neuropsychological exam
  • Breathing testing
  • Surveys

(Specific procedures depend on whether participating as a control or as an individual affected with ALS or related disorder)

Join our family - together, we can change the course of this disease.

Join our family

Together, we can change the course of this disease.