We need your help to find the cure

Your support is essential to finding the cure that will end the pain of this disease. Your legacy can be a world without ALS. Private giving is the driving engine of much of the groundbreaking and compassionate work done by the University of Miami ALS Center. It continues to make the critical difference in our ability to provide interdisciplinary patient care and to support crucial research. Please consider getting involved by making a gift today or promising your support through planned giving.

The UM ALS Center hosts the largest multi-disciplinary clinic in Florida. Our Center, since its opening on March 4th, 1998, is the major referral center for the Southeastern United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The Center is known throughout the world for its state-of-the-art patient care and research, including its participation in all the major trials of new experimental medications for ALS. Your support is crucial in helping us to continue this important work. Your involvement will bring us closer to a cure.

Your legacy can be a world without ALS

Why it’s important to help the UM ALS Center

As a critically important multi-disciplinary center for ALS care and research in South Florida, your support ensures that more people will be able to access the specific type of care that this devastating disease requires. Your support is essential to maintaining and advancing the critical research needed to find the cure. The important work of this center is not possible without private support. The hope of finding a cure will fade without your help.

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You can bring us closer to a cure

Help us to end this disease.